How to Maintain and Upkeep Cable Trays?

Cable trays refer to a rigid structural system composed of channel or ladder straight sections, elbows, components, and supports (arm-type brackets), hangers, etc. to provide close support for cables. Depending on the structure, cable trays are divided into ladder cable trays, channel cable trays, solid bottom cable trays, and wire mesh cable trays. The lifespan of cable trays is not only related to the season and the materials used but also significantly influenced by daily maintenance and upkeep. The following are daily maintenance suggestions for cable trays. You can follow to periodically maintain and upkeep your cable trays based on your specific usage conditions.

Ladder cable tray hanging from the ceiling with neatly arranged cables
Daily Maintenance
  • Regularly use a clean, soft cloth to wipe off dust from the surface. This helps keep the cable tray clean.
  • Avoid using wet cloths and hard objects to wipe the surface of the cable tray to prevent scratches or damage.
  • Avoid contact with acidic, alkaline chemicals, and greasy substances as they may damage the surface of the cable tray.
Periodic Maintenance
  • Generally, perform a thorough maintenance every quarter. First, wipe off the dust from the surface with a soft cloth, then evenly apply a specialized polishing wax on the surface. After a short wait, polish it with a clean, soft cloth. This helps maintain the shine of the cable tray and provides a moisture-resistant effect.
  • For hardware fittings and metal handles, a small amount of machine oil can be used for wiping, and then wipe dry to maintain their flexibility and prevent rust and oxidation.
Other Precautions
  • Avoid placing fire-resistant cable trays in high-temperature and humid areas; maintain a well-ventilated and dry indoor environment.
  • Prevent cable trays from coming into contact with corrosive liquids such as alcohol, nail polish, etc., as these liquids may damage the coating on the cable tray surface.