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"Keep improving the quality of our products and the level of our solutions to meet the demands of the global market"

- GITTE Gitte Cable Tray Limited

GITET Creates A Comprehensive Cabling Solution for You

Forging connections through cable trays, leading the future with innovation.

Founded in 2000, GITTE has always been committed to building comprehensive cable management solutions. We adhere to a product design philosophy that balances innovation with practicality, striving to provide users with reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective cabling management systems. Whether you are dealing with cabling issues in harsh industrial environments or making choices for modern office and residential settings, GITTE can offer you a reasonable solution. Our success stems from the relentless pursuit of excellence in product quality and design, and from a deep understanding of customer needs and an unwavering pursuit of customer satisfaction.

We actively delve into customer needs, provide customized solutions, and ensure customer satisfaction through professional technical support and excellent service. In the future, GITTE will continue to intensify technological innovation, improve service quality, and create a better future together with customers around the world.

24 Years' Experience
200+ Project Quantity
100% Customer Satisfaction
20+ Professional Staff
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Research & Development

GITTE is dedicated to developing high-performance cable tray solutions. Our goal is to enhance product performance through technological innovation and to promote sustainable development. We continually optimize our production processes to reduce environmental impact while ensuring our products meet the highest industry standards. Committed to utilizing advanced technology, we provide our customers with outstanding and environmentally friendly products, helping to ensure the smooth completion and efficient operation of each project.

Our Capabilities
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We have a team of experienced engineers and designers who deeply understand various application requirements and are committed to presenting customers with innovative and personalized customized solutions for cable tray systems.

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We have advanced manufacturing facilities and strict quality control measures. From raw materials to final products, every step undergoes precise inspection to ensure the reliability and durability of our products in the market, meeting and exceeding the highest industry quality standards.

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Technical Service

Our professional technical support team will provide comprehensive assistance and technical guidance to customers at every stage of the project lifecycle, helping them effectively manage and maintain their systems.

Our Partner
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We are committed to providing excellent technical support and comprehensive product documentation, such as detailed product catalogs, installation guides, etc. Understanding our customers' needs and expectations, we strive to ensure that every collaboration offers you the highest quality service and comprehensive support.

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