Seismic Bracing – Enhancing System Stability and Seismic Resistance

Seismic bracing, typically made of high-strength metal, is key component specifically designed to enhance the stability and safety of cable tray systems during earthquakes. By reinforcing the cable tray structure, it can effectively reduce the dynamic impact caused by earthquakes, ensuring that the cable tray structure and the cables it carries remain securely in place. This prevents cable breakage or dislodgement due to shaking or collision, thereby protecting the cable system from damage.

Seismic bracing display


  • Modular Components, Prefabricated Construction
    Seismic bracing adopts modular components, allowing for prefabricated construction without the need for welding or drilling. This construction method facilitates easy disassembly and modification, and is 100% recyclable.
  • Stable Load Bearing, Customizable Reinforcement Ribs
    Seismic bracing has stable load-bearing performance and can be customized with reinforcement ribs as needed to enhance tits seismic capacity.
  • Serrated Rolled Edge Design
    The components of the seismic bracing have serrated rolled edges, enabling rigid assembly of components, effectively resisting shear, preventing slippage, and providing seismic and impact resistance.
  • Customizable Dimensions
    The dimensions of the seismic bracing can be customized according to actual needs to accommodate different cable fixer systems.
  • Excellent Seismic Performance
    Seismic bracing has been tested and can withstand a floor acceleration load of 1.8 g during simulated earthquakes of magnitude 7, 8, and 9, demonstrating excellent seismic performance.


Lateral seismic bracing

Lateral seismic bracing

Longitudinal seismic bracing

Longitudinal seismic bracing


  • Material: High-quality carbon steel
  • Surface treatment: Electrogalvanized, hot-dip galvanized
  • Size: customizable
  • Application: Electrical conduits with an inner diameter of ≥60 mm; cable ladders with a gravity load of ≥150 N/m (industry standard for strong current cable trays width ≥ 200, weak current cable trays width ≥ 300), cable trays, bus ducts.


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