Cable Ladders Make Wiring More Neat and Orderly

Cable ladders are suitable for horizontal, vertical, and multi-layer separated wiring places. They not only serve the purpose of cable management, standardizing the installation of optical cables, Category 5 cables, wires, and cables, but also support the entire weight of the cables. Typically made of metal materials such as steel or aluminum, they are categorized into aluminum cable ladders and U-type cable ladders. Both types adopt a modular design, allowing for flexible combination and installation as needed. With a compact structure and large wiring capacity, they facilitate easy implementation of 'three-line' separation – separating AC lines, DC lines, and signal lines during capacity expansion and subsequent engineering wiring projects.

Cable ladder physical modeling display


  • Open design. Width can be selected as needed, single-layer, multi-layer vertical wiring and horizontal wiring can be combined at will.
  • Sturdy structure. Average load-bearing capacity per square meter is up to 300 kg and above.
  • Aesthetic appearance. In design, it emphasizes aesthetic appeal, usually adopting a simple and elegant appearance
  • Easy installation. It can be directly fixed to the floor or wall with bolts or other connectors


Table 1: Cable Ladder Specifications
Category Width (mm) Length (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (kg) Number of Horizontal Bars (pcs) Color
Aluminum Alloy Cable Tray 200–1000 3000 45/45.7 9
U-shaped Steel Cable Tray 300–800 3000 2.0 4.44–7.58 9/12 Blue, gray (customizable)
3.0 7.10–11.81 9/12

Main Parts

Display of accessories in the overall framework of the cable ladder
Aluminum cable ladder accessories
Aluminum Cable Ladder
  • Model: CAL
  • Function: Horizontal or vertical installation of cables, optical fibers, etc.
Aluminum cable ladder model
Aluminum Model
  • Model: CAL-ZL
  • Function: Aluminum cable ladder accessories
Aluminum cable ladder connector kit
Aluminum Connector Kit
  • Model: CAL-CNT
  • Function: Connection of aluminum cable ladders
Aluminum cable ladder fixing kit
  • Model: CAL-LDD
  • Function: The connection between aluminum cable ladder tees, quarter turns, crosses, horizontal bars and main beams
Aluminum cable ladder embedded fixing kit
Embedded Fixing Kit
  • Model: AL-LDD-NQ
  • Function: Assembly and corner connection of aluminum cable ladders
U-type cable ladder accessories
U-shaped Steel Cable Tray
  • Model: CUW
  • Function: Horizontal or vertical installation of cables, optical fibers, etc.
U-type cable ladder connector
U Connector
  • Model: CU-CNT
  • Function: Connection for U-type cable ladder
U-type cable tray 100° corner plate
100° Corner Plate
  • Model: CU-L100
  • Function: Connection at the corner of U-type cable ladder
U-type cable tray 50° corner plate
50° Corner Plate
  • Model: CU-L50
  • Function: Fixing for vertical wall installation of U-type cable ladder

Installation & Related Accessories

Installation structure of aluminum cable ladder
Aluminum Cable Ladder

Aluminum Cable Ladder Made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, it not only ensures structural robustness and durability but also has excellent oxidation resistance and good thermal conductivity, which helps in cable heat dissipation. It is particularly suitable for applications such as power transmission and data centers.

Aluminum cable ladder Z-type kit

Z-type kit

Aluminum cable tray Ω-type hanging kit

Ω-type hanging kit

Aluminum cable tray main beam hanger

Main beam hanger

Aluminum cable ladder main beam support

Main beam support

Installation Structure of U-shaped Steel Cable Tray
U-Type Cable Ladder

Made of high-quality steel, its U-shaped design enhances overall load-bearing capacity and impact resistance. Its surface is treated with hot-dip galvanizing or spraying, and can effectively prevent rust and chemical corrosion, thereby extending its service life. The design is simple, making it easy to install and maintain.

U-type cable ladder Z-type kit

Z-type kit

U-type cable ladder Ω-type hanging kit

Ω-type hanging kit

U-type cable ladder up Ω-type hanging kit

Up Ω-type hanging kit

U-type cable ladder up hanging butterfly plate Accessories

Up hanging butterfly plate


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