Orderly arranged cables are installed into the cases along the wire mesh cable tray.
Cable ladder and fiber cable tray installed on the ceiling
Solid bottom cable tray installed on the ceiling

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The name GITTE is derived from the clever combination of "guita wire". Our main product is the wire mesh cable tray, whose raw material closely resembles guitar strings in appearance. Just as a guitar uses strings to produce beautiful music that brings people joy, our wire mesh cable trays aim to provide customers with an exceptional user experience due to their unique features. GITTE is dedicated to ensuring that every customer experiences the high quality and reliability of our products through exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design. Our pursuit goes beyond achieving product quality and functionality; we also hope to convey a love for life and a vision for a better future through our products.

All cable tray samples are neatly placed together.

Welcome to the GITTE Product Center, where you can explore our range of high-quality and comprehensive cable tray series.

Welded Wire Cable Tray

This efficient, flexible, and structurally stable cable management system adopts an open wire mesh structure for high load-bearing capacity and good ventilation performance.

The overall structure of the wire mesh cable tray
Solid Bottom Cable Tray

A fully enclosed cable tray, its solid flat-bottom design effectively prevents dust, water droplets, and impurities from cables, and shields against interference.

The overall structure of the solid bottom cable tray
Channel Cable Tray

Made from corrosion-resistant materials, it ensures excellent load-bearing capacity and opens ventilation holes at the bottom for cable cooling and ventilation.

The overall structure of the channel cable tray
Ladder Cable Tray

The open design facilitates cable ventilation and cooling, allowing cables to be arranged across different ladder sections, providing greater flexibility.

The overall structure of the ladder cable tray
Application background.

Understand the structured support and protection provided by cable tray series products in various industrial environments.

  • Industrial Field
  • Commercial Field
  • Power System
  • Communication Field
  • Petrochemical Field
Industrial Field

Cable trays provide a structured cable management solution in industrial facilities, supporting heavy-duty cables to ensure the safety and reliability of the system, and facilitating future maintenance and upgrades.

  • Heavy industry factories
  • Power plants
  • Steel mills
  • Food processing plants
  • Paper mills
Factory overall architecture 2.5D display
Commercial Field

Cable trays support the wiring of smart and communication devices in commercial buildings, effectively organizing cables to enhance the aesthetic and functional safety of the space, reducing potential hazards.

  • Large supermarkets
  • Office buildings
  • Convention centers
  • Multifunctional theaters
City architecture 2.5D display
Power System

Cable trays support and protect high-voltage cables in power systems, ensure the safe transmission of cables from power plants to distribution networks, prevent the impact of environmental factors, and guarantee stable power supply.

  • Wind power stations
  • Solar power stations
  • Power grid distribution systems
Wind and solar power generation 2.5D display
Communication Field

In the communication field, cable trays organize and protect data transmission cables, ensure the integrity of high-speed network infrastructure, optimize signal transmission, preventing data loss or delay, and are crucial for modern communications.

  • Data centers
  • Telecommunication base stations
  • Television broadcasting stations
Data communication 2.5D display
Petrochemical Field

In the petrochemical industry, cable trays protect cables operating under extreme conditions, provide physical protection, and prevent chemical corrosion and environmental damage, ensuring the continuous operation of control and power systems.

  • Oil drilling
  • Natural gas processing plants
  • Refineries
Oil and natural gas plant 2.5D display
Support center background
Cable Trays & Related Products Support Center

At GITTE, we will provide you with comprehensive information about cable trays and related products, including detailed product data, easy-to-understand video explanations, and all-around technical support, aiming to meet your needs in all aspects. This will help you better understand our products and quickly master the correct usage methods and skills.

The designer is using iPad for drawing design

Ensure the quality and service of the cable tray series products in all aspects.

Products are neatly placed on a white background.
Product Diversification

A wide range of cable tray products meet the diversified needs of different projects and ensure best solution for each project.

A caliper is used to check the wire diameter of wire mesh cable tray.
Production Control

From raw materials to finished products, every step is strictly controlled to ensure high quality and reliability of products.

Workers use walkie-talkies to transmit instructions.
Years of Experience

Proficient in various cable tray solutions, bringing professional and reliable support to your project.

Employees and customers communicate pleasantly.
Quality Service

From preliminary consultation to after-sales support, we ensure the satisfaction and success of every customer.